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From onboarding to upskilling—using in-person, blended and technology-enabled learning solutions

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The world has never moved faster

Preparing your workforce for the future is critical

As industries, technology and the labour force change, so does the demand for job skills. For more than 30 years, Calian has worked with private sector, public sector, academia and defence customers to develop their teams—from new hires to advanced skills development. We specialize in developing skills that transcend industries, ensuring your workforce is not just keeping pace but leading the way. 

  • Tailored Solutions: Our approach is customized to fit the needs of your sector, ensuring targeted skill development.
  • Proven Expertise: With a track record spanning three decades, we bring a wealth of experience to every learning opportunity.
  • Comprehensive Programs: From onboarding to advanced skills, we offer a continuum of learning to elevate your team’s capabilities.
30years of curriculum development
250k+people trained
50+industries served
1000+projects completed

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Curriculum design and development

Learning programs to cover the full range of your personnel needs, from onboarding new hires to developing experienced staff.

Instructor-led learning

Our learning programs encompass your full personnel spectrum, from onboarding to advanced development. We collaborate to create a tailored curriculum that aligns with your organization’s vision, covering both foundational concepts and advanced problem-solving. Advantages of instructor-led learning include:

  • Custom designed programs for complex subject matter
  • Roundtable facilitation for low-stress peer collaboration and learning

Blended learning

By following a blended learning program, your unique team will benefit from a training experience that combines:

  • Face-to-face time with instructors and peers in a classroom setting
  • Live virtual sessions using collaborative digital tools
  • E-learning for self-paced and flexible training schedules

Immersive learning

Upgrade your curriculum with the latest and most engaging training technologies. Realistic  and immersive solutions give your team a learning experience second only to performing the actual task. Discover how you can utilize the following for your training needs:

  • Gamification and game-based learning
  • 3D and 360 videos
  • Virtual and augmented reality

Corporate and classroom learning

Enhance your team’s onboarding efficiency, job fulfillment, employee retention, and internal growth through a customized corporate learning initiative. Training sessions can be held both online and onsite to meet your organisation’s unique requirements, skillsets and learning styles.

Learning strategy and consulting

Making the most of your investment in learning for your team means defining your objectives and developing a strategy. We work with you to develop a strategy to meet your objectives and deliver a plan for a high-quality, cost-effective learning program.

Learning needs analysis

To guide the development of your learning program, we work with you and your team to understand your needs, your vision and what you are trying to accomplish. With that understanding, our learning experts can provide insight on:

  • Enterprise learning needs
  • Concept of operations
  • Personnel needs
  • Learning management system needs

Digital transformation consulting

We work with you and your team to understand where you are going and to develop the path forward for the digital transformation of your learning enterprise. Your tailored plan will include:

  • Digital learning strategy
    Find the right digital tools to reduce cost, improve uptake and increase program efficiency.
  • Enterprise digital transformation
    Assess your current capabilities and develop a strategy to deliver complex enterprise learning programs.

Facilitation and delivery

Our facilitators have deep experience in developing and delivering training programs across many sectors and clients, including heavy industry, nuclear power generation, public utilities and emergency preparedness. We provide you with flexible options to meet your team’s needs and identify areas for improvement and follow-up. Whatever your challenge, our team helps you develop a solution.

Measurement and evaluation

To understand the effectiveness of the training program, we collect and evaluate data. We measure the learner, and determine changes to the curricullum based on:

  • Reaction
  • Knowledge and skills improvement
  • Knowledge retention
  • Job behaviour changes 
  • Overall impact of the training program on your organization

Our learning solutions

Corporate training

Our diverse team of instructors offers tailored learning programs for all needs.

Immersive learning

Integrate the latest immersive technologies into your learning program.

Blended learning

Develop a balanced learning approach combining in-person and virtual training programs.

Instructor-led learning

From introductory learning modules on basic concepts to delivering advanced learning for bigger challenges.

Emergency management

Provide your team with the best in emergency management learning.

Videos resources

Modernizing learning and training

We deliver learning solutions that meet the needs of any organization, helping you develop your team—from onboarding through to delivery.

250,000+people trained
30years of experience
1,000+workplaces evolved

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